Dr. Andrew Cicchetti, LCSW-R,  is a seasoned psychotherapist and coach specializing in alcohol and substance use treatment with more than 30 years experience. Andrew is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker (No. 051923) with advanced training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. He provides individual, couples and group therapy, in addition to clinical supervision and executive coaching. As the Director of Program Development, Andrew plays a key role in the leadership of both TRUST and Pure Recovery Sober Residence

Andrew earned his Ph.D. at the Graduate Center, City University of New York with a dissertation focused on group treatment of people with addictive disorders in collaboration with NAADAC. He obtained his Masters in Social Work at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, where he was the recipient of the Tenzer Academic Fellowship and the Dean’s Award.  Andrew received his post-graduate training at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training in New York City. In addition to CBT and MI, he has additional training in DBT techniques, Mindfulness, Sexual Addiction, Complicated Grief, and Couples Therapy.  As an Adjunct Professor, Andrew has taught at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work and at Hunter College School of Social Work. He has published in peer reviewed professional journals and lectured nationally and internationally on group therapy, Gestalt Therapy, addiction treatment, and HIV/AIDS mental health. In October, 2020  he begins his path towards certification in Structured Family Recovery in training provided by Debra Jay and Jeff Jay. Passionate about group work and addiction treatment, he has also served as the Vice-President of the International Association of Social Work with Groups and as an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery. 

His approach to practice is gentle, respectful, dialogical, collaborative and humanistic in nature. Decidedly eclectic, he draws upon a variety of theories and techniques in helping individuals, couples and families heal from and through addiction and trauma and navigate challenging circumstances in one’s life journey. 

Clients have consistently found Andrew’s approach helpful over the years. Upon reflecting on her experience in couple’s therapy with Dr. Cicchetti, Carol writes: “We had tried therapy a number of times before finding Andrew, but we had never come across a therapist with such intelligence, thoughtfulness and confidence. He’s very much a part of the reason we have a beautiful family life today”. Another former client observes, “The secret to Andrew’s greatness is that he is drawing upon a wealth of deep expertise in multiple schools, coupled with tremendous compassion, wisdom and humor. His insights are always served up with kindness and a deep respect for who you are”.

Not only supportive, Andrew can be gently challenging to help you not just feel safely held but also invited to grow. To this point, Dennis notes:  “I found Andrew not only extremely kind and insightful, but HONEST. He asked me hard questions and allowed me to be skeptical as well. He has a great way of being gentle but still holding you accountable which I really responded to. He really helped me create the tools I needed to work through my situation and regain the confidence that I had lost”. A firm believer in our human need for authentic, mutual relationship,  Andrew invites  interpersonal as well as individual growth. With this in mind,  it stands out that clients have noted that working together resulted in the development of a more robust network of social and sober support. Nandita notes, “Andrew was able to help me develop a sustainable support network for myself”. Sean reports he feels that as a result of therapy, he finds “more intimacy in my relationships”. And finally, Sean once more, who worked with Andrew from the earliest days of his sobriety, adds: “his deep understanding of addiction and recovery was key in the beginning of our work together, but the overall breadth of his knowledge and experience covers all areas of life…I am currently in a romantic relationship that is more satisfying than I thought previously possible and it’s clear to me that this is the result of the work I did with Andrew”. 

Colleagues have wholeheartedly endorsed Andrew as well. Writing partner and fellow Editorial Board Member of JGAR, Dr. David Johnson,  has described him as “one of the brightest young thinkers” and avers that he “connects with people across the world and across the spectrum of class, race, gender, expression, and identity”. Former Gestalt Therapy instructor and clinical supervisor, Shelley Orren-King,  describes Andrew as “a competent and trusted clinical leader”. Current colleague and Structured Family Recovery Coach, Kay Kimball, feels  ” Andrew is a talented and caring therapist and supervisor. He has a unique ability of synthesizing the multiple facets of each client’s addiction and recovery process and then customizing and operationalizing a plan for whole-person healing. Andrew is as warm as he is brilliant”.  The Director of Services at Hazelden Betty Ford in New York, Eliana Leve,  observes, “Andrew is a highly professional therapist, supervisor, trainer and administrator who integrates those multiple dimensions into a comprehensive treatment approach. Andrew is thoughtful and empathetic in his interactions with clients and colleagues, and continuously advances his skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the addiction treatment field”.

In addition to being an administrator, clinical supervisor, therapist and coach, Andrew is a dedicated Martial Artist with an advanced belt in Krav Maga and a beginner’s belt in Taekwondo and is involved in street animal rescue.  He is married and the proud father to Chico, a 7 year old Shih Tzu, who sometimes serves as his co-therapist. 

Andrew works via tele-health, using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing services. He has worked with people World Wide and is fluent in both English and Portuguese. Contact Andrew to arrange for your free consultation. The best way to make initial contact with Andrew is via email at AndrewCicchetti@gmail.com