an actor’s life

Andrew was recommended to me through the Actors Fund in NYC after I had received a health diagnosis that I was having a lot of trouble dealing with at that time. I found Andrew not only extremely kind and insightful, but HONEST. HE asked me hard questions and allowed me to be skeptical as well. He has a great way of being gentle but still holding you accountable which I really responded to. He really helped me create the tools I needed to work through my situation and regain the confidence that I had lost. I met Andrew at a very hard time in my life and I am so much better off for knowing him and working with him and I HIGHLY recommend him for his work and for being an all around great person.


we have a beautiful family life today

We were referred to Andrew in 2008 by a childhood friend of my husband. As a couple we were going through an extremely difficult period, to the point where neither of us could see a path forward. Andrew cleared the path and walked with us until the time came when we didn’t need him anymore. We had tried therapy a number of times before finding Andrew but we had never come across a therapist with such intelligence, thoughtfulness and confidence. He’s very much part of the reason we have a beautiful family life today.

At the time we started seeing Andrew he was still in New York, so we had sessions at his office. In the middle of our work he had to move out of the country for personal reasons. We decided to try to continue via Skype. I think we were all a little skeptical as to how it would be, but actually it worked very successfully. Skype was in no way an impediment, quite the opposite. We both enjoyed the fact that the positive energy the sessions created was physically in our home and we could hold on to that week to week.


helped me change deeply rooted behaviors

Having Andrew as my therapist has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. He came into my life at a time when I deeply needed help and guidance. His compassionate, empathetic, intelligent and practical approach have helped me to recognize and change deeply rooted behaviors and to understand myself better. We have been working together over Skype and it is just like being in the room with him. He has genuinely changed me and my life in profound ways. Andrew is an exceptional guide on this wild journey of life.


challenging and encouraging

Andrew helped me as I recovered from the lowest point in my life. He guided me through my feelings and my confusion about what it means to be a grownup and how best to be one. For the many years he was my therapist, his approach was perfectly suited to my fears and hopes, both challenging and encouraging me, but never forcing a path for me.


deep understanding of addiction and recovery

I began working with Andrew when I got sober nearly 19 years ago. Being that I had abused alcohol and drugs starting in my teenage years, and didn’t get sober until 32, I was unaware how shut down I was and needed to learn how to emotionally become an adult. His deep understanding of addiction and recovery was key in the beginning but the overall breadth of his knowledge and experience really covers all areas of life. Through my work with him I have grown into having more meaningful friendships, a better understanding of myself, a successful career in which I’m happier and more intimacy in my relationships. I am currently in a romantic relationship that is deeper and more satisfying than I previously thought was possible. It’s clear to me that this is the result of the work I did with Andrew.

The first phase of our work together was in-person in his New York office. When Andrew moved out of the country I was a bit skeptical about continuing our work through Skype since I had been having such great results with him, but we continued our work together. Great decision on my part! I immediately experienced that not only was the connection and intimacy maintained but he could read the most minute changes of feeling and expression on my face.

Andrew is an extremely intelligent, skilled and empathetic therapist that I can’t recommend enough.

Sean G.

i now feel focus, confidence, security and even joy

My work with Andrew changed everything; I now feel focus, confidence, security and even joy in areas of my life where I expected I would always flounder, or feel paralyzed.

My husband and I first saw Andrew together. Over a period of several months he helped us work through some tough challenges. Thanks to Andrew we came through that period stronger and more united as a couple. When new issues arise, we draw from the tools we learned from our work with Andrew.

I also saw Andrew individually (with my husband’s blessing.) The secret to Andrew’s greatness is that he’s drawing on a well of deep expertise in multiple schools, coupled with tremendous compassion, wisdom and humor. His insights are always served up with kindness and a deep respect for who you are.

As for working virtually, I love it! I don’t notice a difference at all because Andrew is just as warm and present via Skype as he is face-to-face. In fact, being able to share glimpses of my home and surroundings sometimes presents opportunities for helpful insights.


helped me help myself

I started working with Andrew in person in New York where he was able to help me develop a sustainable support network for myself as well as usher me through one of the most difficult times in my life both personally and professionally.  After he moved, we have continued to work together on an as-needed basis via Skype which has not diminished Andrew’s empathy or understanding in the slightest.  My favorite thing about Andrew as a therapist is that he has always helped me to help myself.  I couldn’t recommend him more.